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Francis Automotive Cares about Kids

Child Identification Kits

Did you know that over 1,000,000 children are reported missing in the United States each year? While most are found, many are not, and the abduction of children is both under-reported and rapidly increasing in our society.

We find this statistic unnecessarily astounding and are committed to making a difference! We are proud to offer Child Identification Kits as a way of taking further action in keeping the kids in our community safe.

These kits contain a fingerprint card, a physical description, a video, computer disk, or DVD of the child, a dental imprint, and a DNA sample. This will afford parents the ability to provide critical information to the public and to law enforcement in the event that a child goes missing.

We offer this kit free of charge.

Jack Francis, Future Technician
Healthy Kids, Healthy Community
West Chester YMCA

Not only do we want our kids to be safe we want to support them in being healthy and fit. Francis Automotive is a proud sponsor of the West Chester YMCA “Healthy Kids Day” event each year along with other events like the Helicopter Ball Drop.

Chester County Moms

An organization dedicated to providing information about the best activities, reviews and events for families in the area and again Francis Auto takes its commitment to kids, families and safety seriously by supporting this organization.

Chester County Hospital

For years Francis Auto has been a strong advocate of Chester County Hospital’s wellness programs supporting healthy kids and adults by volunteering and contributing financially to many of the hospital’s special events, namely the Diabetes Dash.